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bootcamp breakout session


You may choose one breakout session to attend for each time slot.   Alumni panelists will provide their expertise in several concurrent sessions.


Sessions I  |  Sessions II | Sessions III  | Sessions IV  

10:00 am - 10:50 am    Sessions  I 

Marketing your Liberal Arts degree.  We did.   
Are you a Liberal Arts Major? Hear success stories and learn how to market your degree to employers!   

Competitive Education Resumes & Interviews  
The job market in the field of Education is very competitive.   Learn effective techniques to make your resume earn top marks. Most school districts have specific questions and evaluation criteria for their recruiting efforts. Candidates are likely to be evaluated in a variety of areas.   Learn what school administrators typically look for and how to achieve becoming the optimal candidate.               

Interviewing Basics & Blunders to Avoid  
Congratulations!  You’ve made it all the way to the interview….now what?  The interview is one of the most crucial steps in the job search process so you want to make the most of this opportunity.  Get tips on preparation and how to answer the tough questions as well as what critical mistakes you don’t want to make. 

Company Research: Demonstrate knowledge that blows away your competition 
Applying for jobs should not be like going on a blind date!  Learn why researching employers is important, what you absolutely must now, and how to use this critical knowledge to your advantage in the interview, in your social media and on the job.           

11:00 am - 11:50 am   
Sessions II

Make a Smart Plan for Graduate School  
Thinking about graduate school?  It is a big decision to make.  Hear about the benefits of graduate study and how to find the right program.  Also learn what to expect during the application and admission process and the benefit of obtaining a graduate assistantship.

The Best Cover Letters & When to Use Them  
Are your cover letters getting read?  Or, are you taking the time to even write a cover letter?  Learn proper techniques to ensure it is one of the best tailored, purposeful and researched letters that targets the employer's specific needs.     

Not all internships are equal.  Picking and getting the most out of an internship.    
Think all internships are alike?  Think again!  Learn how and where to find the best ones what you need to be doing to get the most out of your internship.         


2:00 pm - 2:50 pm    Sessions III

Federal Jobs: Different Resume & Tactics for the largest employer in the U.S. 
Looking for a Federal Job?   Learn important tactics and how to properly prepare your resume.     

Sign up for Interviews & apply for jobs in Panther Recruiting PLUS+ = Fast track to an offer  
All boot camp participants have access to Panther Recruiting PLUS+.  Learn how to get on the fast track to the hottest internships, jobs and on-campus interview opportunities!    

Success Strategies for Student Teaching 
Student Teaching?  Learn how to make the most out of your experience.    Learn successful strategies from alums who have been in your shoes!   

Jobs in STEM majors with only a Bachelor's degree 
Think you need a Master's degree for these fields?  Maybe not!  We will explore areas you might not have considered that you can enter right away!     



3:00 pm - 3:50 pm    Sessions IV

LinkedIn profiles & LinkedIn activity: two strong networking tools
Are you using LinkedIn to build your network?  Learn how to properly set up your profile and become active on LinkedIn to show potential employers you are a serious (and hirable) professional.    

Build your Consulting Skills & How to Get Consulting Jobs 
Learn success strategies on how to build your skills in consulting and how to get jobs in this field.    

The Critical 1st Year: Success Tips & Blunders
You succeeded in college, but what will you have to do differently to succeed in your career?   Learn good business etiquette, behaviors to avoid, and how to be viewed as a promotable new hire from DAY 1.   Successful alums will share their success tips and blunders to avoid.        

Professional Dress & How to Shop the EIU Career Closet
Learn how to look like a professional candidate an employer wants to hire! We will discuss proper attire and no-no's.  Short on funds but need to look spiffy for that next job fair or interview?  Learn about the EIU Career Closet!