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Alumni Career Interest Assessments

Career Services offers assessments to help EIU alumni increase their self-knowledge and discover new options for career satisfaction. Interest and personality preference inventories can provide valuable new insights into how one fits in the "world of work" and can validate impressions already gained through life experiences.

Although these instruments will not always provide definite answers as to what career is the absolute best, they go far in aiding the decision process.

The Career Interest Assessment package is available online.   The assessment package consists of:

  • The Strong Interest Inventory and Skills Confidence Inventory
    The most commonly administered career assessment, the Strong Interest Inventory compares occupational, leisure and educational interests with people who are happily employed in a variety of careers. The Skills Confidence Inventory reports how well you believe you can perform different work activities needed for various occupations.
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    This personality preference inventory shows how understanding individual differences can lead to more satisfying occupational choices, work roles and professional environments.

Alumni may complete the assessments at their convenience. After completing the instruments and submitting them for scoring, individuals will be contacted to schedule an interpretation session. 

Career Interest Assessment / Career Exploration Package: $100

  • Take the Strong Interest Inventory and Skills Confidence Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ online
  • Extensive interpretation session with a Career Counselor


SIGN UP HERE:  We will acknowledge your registration and provide you with instructions and the password for access to the assessment Web site.

Have questions about the Career Interest Assessment program? Contact Bobbi Kingery at 217-581-2412 or rkingery@eiu.edu.