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  • September 7 2012
  • September 7 2012

Bylaws of the Eastern Illinois University Campus Advising Network

(Last Updated in Spring 2012)

Article I. Name and Acronym

The name of this group shall be the Campus Advising Network. The official acronym of the group shall be CAN.

Article II. Goals

The goals of the Campus Advising Network (CAN) shall be:

To provide leadership in creating a community of academic advisors

To serve as a clearinghouse for information concerning changes in prerequisites, general education and program requirements, certification procedures and criteria, course offerings, transfer course equivalencies, etc.

To develop resource materials to be used by advisors and counselors on campus

To develop, organize and promote professional development and training activities for academic advisors

To facilitate the mentoring of new advisors

To develop working relationships between professional and faculty academic advisors

To increase and improve academic support services for minority and transfer students

To serve as advocates for advisors and students, advising CAA, COTE, and other bodies as to the practical effects of rule and program changes

Article III. Membership

Eligibility. Membership is open to academic advisors from each of the four colleges, the certifying deans in each college, professional advisors in Academic Advising/Minority Affairs/Honors, and academic support staff across campus that perform counseling and advising functions.

Rights. All members shall be eligible to vote, hold office, and attend meetings of CAN and are entitled to all the services and benefits provided by CAN.

Article IV. Steering Committee

Composition and Tenure

The Steering Committee shall be comprised of nine members: One representative from each of the four academic colleges (Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Education and Professional Studies, Business and Applied Sciences), the Director of the Academic Advising Center, one representative from the certifying deans, one representative from Minority Affairs, one representative from Academic Affairs and one Technology Representative.

The Steering Committee shall meet at least once a month during the academic year. Members shall serve for a term of three years and may serve longer based on interest and time commitments. No member may hold more than one seat on the Steering Committee at one time.

In case of vacancy, resignation, or removal of any member of the Steering Committee, the Steering Committee shall announce the vacancy and solicit from the CAN membership nominations for a new Steering Committee member, chosen from the appropriate area, to fill the vacated seat. Self-nominations shall be allowed. After considering all nominations, the Steering Committee shall appoint a new member to fill the remainder of the term.

Officers and Duties

The Chair of the Steering Committee shall be the Director of the Academic Advising Center. At the final meeting of the Steering Committee during Spring Semester, the Steering Committee shall elect a Vice-Chair for the following academic year. These positions take effect immediately upon convening of the next Steering Committee meeting. In case of vacancy, resignation, or removal of the Vice-Chair, the Steering Committee shall elect a new Vice-Chair from the Steering Committee.

The Chair shall:

Preside over meetings of the Steering Committee;

Appoint committees and their chairpersons;

Communicate with the administration about the business of CAN;

Prepare and submit an annual report;

Call meetings of the Steering Committee; and,

Have overall responsibility for the coordination of all areas of the work of CAN.

The Vice-Chair shall:

Serve as Chair in the absence of the Chair; The duties of the Vice-Chair may be assumed by another Steering Committee member while the Vice-Chair serves as Chair.

Record and publish minutes of each meeting;

Maintain a membership list (directory);

Notify members of upcoming meetings; and,

Record attendance at meetings.

The Steering Committee’s Technology Representative shall:

Maintain the CAN Website and its resource materials.


Officers and members of the Steering Committee may be removed for just cause by a vote of the majority of the Steering Committee.

Article V. Campus Wide Advisor Meetings

Meetings of campus wide advisors shall be held at least once in Fall Semester and once in Spring Semester at a date, time, and location established by the CAN Steering Committee. Special meetings and/or conferences may also be held.

Article VI. Amendments to the Bylaws

Any member of the Steering Committee may submit a proposed amendment to the Bylaws to the Chair of the Steering Committee. The proposed amendment must be submitted in writing. The Chair will have the responsibility of publishing the proposed change to the membership, with voting to take place no sooner than one month following such announcement.

Amendments to the bylaws must be ratified by a vote of at least five members of the Steering Committee.