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Fiscal Agent Handbook - Introduction


Authority and Responsibility

The business and financial functions of the university are centralized under the Vice President for Business Affairs who is directly responsible to the President. The President receives his authority from the Board of Trustees of Eastern Illinois University.

Reporting to the Vice President for Business Affairs are the:

  • Director of Business Services/Treasurer
  • Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Services
  • Director of Facilities Planning and Management
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Planning, Budget, & Institutional Research
  • Director of Planning Services

This handbook will deal primarily with the areas which are the responsibility of the Vice President for Business Affairs.

Distribution and Use

Fiscal Agent Handbooks will be distributed by the Business Office electronically through the campus Intranet to each Financial Manager.

Information in the handbook will be updated periodically. It is the responsibility of each Financial Manager to ensure compliance with revisions.

The handbook is intended to serve as a reference for Financial Managers in the management of their Funds and Organizations.