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Business Office Forms

  • For your convenience, all forms may be completed on the Web then printed.
  • Use the TAB key to move from field to field.
  • Before sending a form to the Business Office, please remember to make a copy for your records.

Creating a New University FOAPAL

Review your current organizations to determine if the purpose of the new fund or organization may fit the purpose of an existing one. If not:

  • Print the new FOAPAL form guide for assistance in completing the new university FOAPAL form.
  • Complete the new university FOAPAL form, providing accurate and thorough information. This is done so the value base for the account may be assigned properly, allowing access to individuals associated with the fund or organization. Department of Procurements, Disbursements, and Contract Services, Business Office, Budget, Payroll and Internal Auditing will refer to this document for authorization for signatures and transactions.
  • After completing the form and obtaining all signatures, send the form to the Business Office.
  • The new fund or organization is assigned value base (the department, executive level, division and school to which the account belongs organizationally), budget, fixed assets, interest, and deposit (if applicable) information. It is then entered on the Banner system. An e-mail notification of the activation of the new fund or organization — along with the fund and organization number and delegated signatures — is then sent to the financial manager.

Please review the e-mail for accuracy; report any changes to Kay Carter at kcarter@eiu.edu or 217-581-7827.

Contact Mike Hutchinson at mwhutchinson@eiu.edu or 217-581-7753 for further questions.