Supplemental Instruction Program

The Supplemental Instruction program is different than tutoring in that students do not just “drop in” for assistance with homework problems or preparing for a test. Targeted courses include financial accounting, managerial accounting, business statistics, and business finance. Students enrolled in these targeted courses self select participation in a regularly scheduled, out-of-class session each week. Typically, the size of the SI session is much smaller than the regularly scheduled class—the SI sessions range from 8 to 17, when compared to an average class size of 35. During the SI sessions, students have an opportunity to review homework problems, discuss readings, ask questions, and prepare for exams. The sessions are led by “SI Leaders,” graduate assistants and upper-division undergraduate students, who have successfully completed the targeted courses. SI Leaders attend all class lectures and meet weekly with the professors of each class.

The Supplemental Instruction Program is generously supported by C. Roger Sorensen.

Please click here for a printable Supplemental Instruction schedule for the current semester. Please note that you must sign up for SI before you can attend the sessions.