The Student Center for Academic & Professional Development


The mission of the Student Center is to inform, inspire, and empower students to be their best academically, professionally, and personally.

The goals of the Student Center include helping students:

  • Clarify life and career goals
  • Explore educational opportunities within the School of Business
  • Enhance awareness of available resources
  • Seek out and use support services at the University and in the community
  • Interpret institution and program requirements
  • Develop knowledge and skills beyond the classroom experience for professional and career development
  • Create suitable education plans

The School of Business academic advisors are available in the Student Center for Academic and Professional Development in 2051 Lumpkin Hall to help you with all academic matters related to your business studies.

Student Center Director

Kathy Schmitz
(217) 581-8581

Academic Advisor

Lisa Canivez
(217) 581-6905

Admissions Officer and Internship Coordinator

Renee Stroud-Witt
(217) 581-2623

Office Manager

Linda Foster
(217) 581-3528