A Successful Internship Can Save You the Trouble of Job Hunting!



Katie Bosch

Senior Majoring in Management Information
Systems (MIS) and Accounting

Hometown: Tuscola, Illinois

Internships: ADM (two summer MIS internships)


Katie Bosch grew up in Tuscola, IL, a short 30 minute drive North of EIU.  Despite growing up in Central Illinois, Katie decided to pursue MIS internships with an Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) processing plant located in Decatur, Ilinois.  "I wanted to work for ADM because it is close to home" she stated.  "I also want to travel as often as possible.  Since ADM is an international company there is a lot of opportunity for that. "

Katie’s first internship was during the Summer of 2010, as a business analyst intern with ADM’s Maximo team.  With the Maximo team, her main task was to assist the upgrade from the 5.2 version of Maximo to the 7.1version, an enterprise system from a third party company.  The Maximo system tracks purchase orders, facility maintenance orders, and generates invoices for vendor companies.  She inspected reports of the 5.2 version in several different languages, such as Spanish and German, to recreate the reports in the 7.1 version.  She was responsible for making sure the unique reports for each country had the correct data and translations in Maximo 7.1.  She was also asked to help create the implementation schedule for these international facilities.

For her second internship with ADM, Katie worked as part of the Scale Logistics team.  Scale Logistics is another system utilized by ADM which supports two different programs.  The first application is GMS, an older system bought from outside company.  The second application is ADM Weigh, which was built in house and is currently being implemented throughout US facilities.  Katie explained that working with Scale Logistics was a greater challenge as opposed to working on the Maximo team: “I had a lot to learn on the Scale team because the systems were PC-based, where the Maximo system was web-based.  I felt like I knew the basic functions of a PC, but because PC troubleshooting was a major part of the support process, there was still a lot for me to learn.

Katie attributes much of her success to her education at the EIU School of Business.  “My education at EIU played a huge role in preparation for my internships.  I have obtained a variety of business knowledge, and now have a great foundation to build on.  I understand the accounting side of order preparation, and I can incorporate that into my tasks when working with MIS.  Going into the workplace was not as intimidating because I had a general knowledge of how businesses operate.”  Having this diverse background will help her in the future, if she decides she needs a change of pace.  “ADM allows employees to keep their everyday jobs dynamic.  There are opportunities within the company to change your focus and your team.”

The education and dedication that Katie has provided for herself has indeed paid off.  She will be graduating from the School of Business in December, 2011.  She is scheduled to start fulltime as a business analyst on December 19, 2011.