Cooperation Agreement between Hankou University and Eastern Illinois University

School of Business administrators were involved in the cooperation agreement between Hankou University in China and Eastern.  Dr. Cheryl L. Noll, Chair of the School of Business, and Dr. Christie Roszkowski, Associate Chair, were excited to be a part of this momentous agreement.

The goal of this agreement is to strengthen ties with international partners like Hankou University to provide more study abroad and exchange options for EIU students and to increase our international enrollment.  Eastern Illinois University President William Perry and Chairman and Legal representative of Hankou University Luo Aiping signed the agreement on August 25, 2011.  To read what President Perry had to say in his blog, click here.

Click here to see the story as reported by Hankou University itself.  A translation of the text on their site is below:

By the Institute of International Education at Hankou University, Aug. 27, 2011, Editor-in-charge: Huang Cong

August 26, 2011 -- Mr. Ai-ping Luo, Chairman of the Board of Hankou University, China and Mr. William Perry, President of Eastern Illinois University, signed an educational cooperation agreement on a 2+2 business administration program. 

It was a pleasant and friendly meeting between Mr. Luo and President Perry.  Mr. Luo said, "the cooperation with Eastern Illinois University is a good initiative as Hankou promotes its international education profile, and is a new approach to U.S.-China educational cooperation. This program is yet another step toward improving the business administration education at Hankou University." Mr. Luo believes that this 2+2 program will give Hankou's undergraduate students an invaluable opportunity to learn in both China and the U.S., further enhancing their future competitiveness and enriching their life experience.

President Perry said that he is honored and excited to reach this agreement with Hankou University and looks forward to more cooperation in the future. He also said he plans to learn Chinese and to visit Hankou University sometime next year. 


Front row: Mr. Luo Aiping, Chairman & Legal Representative of Hankou University;
Dr. William Perry, President of Eastern Illinois University
Back row: Mr. Kevin Vicker, Study Abroad; Dr. Christie Roszkowski,
Associate Chair of the School of Business; Dean Robert Augustine, Graduate School;
Dr. Cheryl Noll, Chair of the School of Business; Dr. Blair Lord, Provost and
Vice President for Academic Affairs