College to Career Program Supported by COUNTRY Financial

School of Business students will soon have even more professional development opportunities, thanks to the generosity of COUNTRY Financial to support the "College to Career" initiative.  College is a transformative experience when students learn about themselves, the world around them, and their role in that world. Within the School of Business, an important part of this experience is developing from a business student to a business professional. As students struggle to balance the demands of academic work, social activities, and personal responsibilities, however, they often neglect this crucial aspect of their education. As graduation approaches, students sometimes find that they need more professional development to begin their careers.

The "College to Career" program provides a framework to guide School of Business students in their professional development. The program encourages students to consciously enhance their professional competencies as they progress through each of year of college.  By graduation, students have the confidence and skills to make a successful transition to a career. The skills and competencies that they developed as students serve as the foundation for continued career growth and professional development after graduation.