FMA Volunteers at Financial Fortitude Event

EIU’s Financial Management Association (FMA) recently sent representatives to speak at Delta Sigma Theta Inc.’s “Financial Fortitude Event.” Delta Sigma Theta hosts the event annually in order to help participants define goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and put the plan into action.

Various personal finance topics were discussed at the meeting. FMA Faculty Advisor, Dr. Chuck Chahyadi, enlightened the group with the secrets of “How to be Wealthy by Age 65.” Also, former FMA President, Bricen Hakeman, discussed several practical ways for Delta Sigma Theta members to manage their personal and student loan debts. Members of the FMA concluded the presentation by stating that, “We are very supportive of our campus and acknowledge the opportunity to integrate ourselves with EIU organizations not only in the School of Business, but also campus wide.”



Members of Delta Sigma Theta with Bricen Hakeman, former FMA President,
and Dr. Chuck Chahyadi, FMA faculty advisor