Finance Students Provide Daily Closing Market Reports

Finance students are participating in the daily closing market reports on WEIU-FM and WEIU-TV.  This opportunity allows students to give their own commentary on market moving information and closing prices for major equity market indexes, commodities, and local stocks. 

A group of about ten Finance students are currently participating in the reports given on WEIU-FM.  They follow the three major indexes, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and Nasdaq and track commodity prices and about a dozen local stocks. Then, after researching and collecting all of this material, the host of the day goes live or prerecords a two to three minute segment that airs daily.

Amy Dihle, one of the students who participates in the program, describes it as a way for her to stay knowledgeable and up-to-date on the performance of the market as a whole.  Dihle prepares for the reports by reviewing the prices of the major stock indexes, local stocks, and commodities.  She also reasons out why the market is performing the way it is performing, so her learning is enhanced by knowing the ups and downs of specific stocks as well as knowing what drives the movement of the stocks.

In addition to the reports presented on the radio, Drew Weckbach presents the daily market report on WEIU-TV.  He prepares for these presentations in a way similar to the radio reports, only he is able to give much greater detail, such as tracking long-term and intraday market trends.  Weckbach provides information on what the current financial and economic market drivers are and how earnings reports affect market activity. He presents slides that track indexes, commodities, and follow local stocks. While the slides are showing, he provides 30-45 seconds of commentary on why the markets and stocks moved the way they did on each particular day.

Check out these amazing student reports each weekday on Hit Mix 88.9 FM between 3:48 and 3:52 p.m. or on WEIU-TV between 5:39 and 5:42 p.m.



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