International Business Club Attends Professional Conference

On November 18, 2011, the EIU International Business Club (IBC) traveled to St. Louis, Missouri, to attend the International Business Conference held at Saint Louis University. The IBC attendees included six club members and the organization's faculty advisor, Dr. David Boggs. Upon arrival at the conference, members attended a breakfast that was provided for attendees to network with others (business professionals, scholars, and students) at the conference. The IBC members met the Lindenwood IBC members during the networking session, and one of the international EIU MBA students met someone from his home country. The morning session consisted of several speakers. Members then attended a lunch that provided more networking opportunities and was followed by a final guest speaker.



Dr. David Boggs (center), Faculty Advisor for the
International Business Club, and the students who attended
the International Business Conference in Fall 2011.


The speakers were all experts in their fields, and their topics were relevant and interesting:


  • "The Vital Link between Relationships and Capital Requirements in an Unstable Global Environment" by Sanjiv Sanghvi, Executive Vice President, Business Head, Global Banking, at Wells Fargo & Company in San Francisco

  • "How Global Aging Will Reshape the Economic and Business Environment of the 21st Century" by Richard Jackson, Director and Senior Fellow, Global Aging Initiative, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in D.C.

  • "Crossing International Borders, A Roadmap for Capturing New Sources of Growth" by Brent Willis, Chairman/CEO of Liberty Ammunition in Florida and former President/CCO of InBev when InBev initiated the acquisition of Anheuser-Busch.

  • "Agriculture: Filling the Technology Gap" by Thad Simons, President & CEO of Novus International in St. Louis

  • "Global Agriculture Trade Dynamics" by Soren Schroder, President & CEO of Bunge in St. Louis


IBC members who attended noted that the news they hear always seems to focus on the negatives of the United States economy. However, all of the presentations seemed to conclude that America actually is not in such a bad situation which was really encouraging. Students who attended also came to realize that the world is much smaller than it seems.  They were impressed by the ease with which the speakers talked about trade with China or trade with Europe.  This candor was refreshing, and it helped the group to realize how globalization has seemingly decreased the size of the world.

When the conference was over, some of the students wanted to see the city's landmarks, and businesses and universities where they might pursue further studies. Dr. Boggs, being familiar with the St. Louis are, provided the students with a mini-tour where they viewed Saint Louis University and Washington University, visited the St. Louis Arch, and viewed downtown St. Louis before eating dinner at the Millenium Hotel. Dinner was a fun experience because students were on the top floor of the hotel, and the restaurant rotated around so that the entire city of St. Louis could be viewed over the course of the meal. 

Students who attended count the conference and the experience of seeing St. Louis as important milestones in their academic careers.  The School of Business is proud to support student attendance at events like this, which encourage students to integrate their learning experiences.