FMA Leader Visits Chicago Board Options Exchange

Eastern Illinois University Financial Management Association President Douglas Dornan recently participated in a week-long “Investing & Trading Seminar” hosted by the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).  While at the seminar, Douglas was able to network with students from across the United States, to take a tour of the trading pits for both the S&P 500 Index Options, and Volatility Index Options and to take part in a “Mock Trading Session.”

The week-long seminar consisted of touring various Chicago trading firms such as Wolverine, Spot, and Chicago Trading Company. Seminar attendees also participated in working lunches and workshops which included topics such as option fundamental and basic strategies, option pricing, large institution money management, delta hedging, technical analysis, option pricing models, and the history of financial markets.

FMA President, Douglas Dornan, states that "the CBOE’s 'Investing & Trading Seminar' is one of the most  educational and influential experiences” he has had during his college career. It gave him in an in-depth view of how much work it takes and how complicated it is to be successful in the finance industry.

Through the generosity of our donors, the School of Business is proud to support student attendance at national conferences and activities like this that support our students' integrative learning experiences.


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