Business Advisory Board Members Praise EIU's School of Business

As members of the Eastern Illinois University School of Business Advisory Board, we are well positioned as former EIU students and executives who hire today's graduates to recommend Eastern's School of Business.

Students at Eastern get an outstanding education with individualized attention and programs tailored to prepare them for finding jobs in the real world. Eastern has the right combination of faculty devoted to teaching, access to special activities, an attractive campus and a real focus on student success. EIU played a significant role in preparing each of us for our chosen professions, and we would definitely make the same decision to attend Eastern if we had it to do all over again.

Contact us to learn more about why we chose the EIU business programs and how our EIU experience helped us to get where we are today.

baurer perrow

Barbara Baurer

Wendy Perrow

Chief Operating Officer
COUNTRY Financial
Bloomington, IL

 Chief Executive Officer
Alba Therapeutics Corp.
Baltimore, MD