From EIU to the World!



Abdoulaye Traore

B.S. in Finance, 2007

MBA, 2009

Financial Analyst at Global Corporate Zurich

From Africa to the United States to Canada, Abdoulaye Traore has traveled far and wide to achieve success. A native of Burkina Faso in West Africa, Traore came to the U.S. to study at EIU where he completed both his Bachelor's degree in Finance and his MBA. While at EIU, he served as president of the Association of International Students and the African Student Association, as a student senator in EIU’s student government, as a student manager at Panther Dining, and he was the recipient of the School of Business Outstanding International Student Award.

Traore counts his Wells Fargo internship as one of his most valuable experiences at EIU.  He acquired his internship at Wells Fargo Advisors through the School of Business internship program. During the internship, he performed administrative duties while learning about the internal processes of the organization and the state of the industry. Traore says that the internship provided him with life-long relationships with professionals. He also calls the internship an “eye-opening” experience, saying, “I realized that I didn’t want to work as a financial advisor, but rather in corporate finance."

Traore speaks fondly of his experiences at Eastern Illinois University, “I found the dedication and professionalism of the faculty to be unmatched . . . professors went above and beyond the call of duty.”  He also recalls the challenging yet beneficial curriculum, as well as the hands-on learning opportunities he participated in while completing his courses, “Computer concepts such as Excel were really important and financial planning courses helped me understand the advisor-client relationship.”

During a recent return visit to EIU, Traore was recognized as an EIU Global Ambassador.  Traore says he now appreciates the more challenging courses he once dreaded, as they prepared him for the stimulating, rewarding career he has today.  His advice to incoming students would be to focus on a deeper understanding of the principles taught in the program, and not to focus entirely on the grades you receive.  In addition, he urges students to take advantage of the career development resources provided by the School of Business and EIU and to get involved with registered student organizations.