Juggling Act



Jemeca Lipscomb


Senior Accounting Major


A master of time-management, Jemeca Lipscomb, a senior accounting major, has learned how to juggle class, homework, and all the responsibilities involved in raising two children. Jemeca came to EIU after hearing positive things about the academic and campus life from an alumnus. She feels that coming to EIU was a great choice. Not only is EIU's tuition affordable and the family housing convenient, but it is close enough to home for her children to visit their grandparents, aunts, and uncles from time to time. More specifically, Jemeca likes that the faculty in the School of Business are intelligent and encouraging, the accounting classes are scheduled at great times, and high achievers are given the recognition that they deserve.

Jemeca lives by the motto "to provide the life I didn't have, but wanted." Her favorite part of being a parent is to watch her children grow, learn, and develop their own personalities. She loves having her children on campus with her and feels it is important for them to have a first-hand encounter with the college experience that will hopefully encourage them to pursue higher education. Jemeca believes that not only will her degree allow her to provide a better quality of lifestyle for her family, but it will also set a higher standard for her children.

Upon graduating, Jemeca has set several goals for herself and her family. First, she wants to sit for the CPA exam and secure a position with a CPA firm. She also wants to take her family on a vacation to Disney World. Ultimately, she wants to take advantage of her entrepreneurial skills and open a CPA firm where she can provide financial services for small businesses and individuals. She hopes to eventually establish a scholarship fund for parents who are pursuing a college degree at EIU.

Achieving her goals requires Jemeca to manage her time wisely.  "I keep my kids on a schedule so that they stay well rested and prepared for school, and it also gives me time to get a lot of work done while they are eating dinner or sleeping. I think the chores that come with a family can be the most challenging part; my kids have a good sense of how important it is that I do well in school. I often tell them 'Mommy needs a good grade to get a good job, so you guys have to help and be good today!' I get plenty of help from their father and my close friends on campus, which makes the hard days a lot easier."

Jemeca advises other EIU students to get involved and develop friendships. For those students who are also parents, she encourages them to plan everything out from daycare and housework to study time and social life. Academically, she also recommends paying close attention in class to avoid having to relearn content later and to get homework done as soon as possible to avoid missing deadlines. Above all, she suggests finding the right school and work balance that fits your lifestyle.