Internship Opens Door to Career Opportunities



Christopher Emken


Senior Accounting Major


Chris Emken, a Senior Accounting Major, spent a summer interning with ADM’s internal auditing department. He got the chance to travel to various ADM facilities and audit them, looking at everything from financial procedures to safety and EPA compliance. This required him to use skills he had learned from some of his advanced accounting classes at EIU. Chris secured this opportunity by speaking with ADM recruiters at EIU’s Accounting Day.

The biggest challenge for Chris was all of the traveling that the position required. He had to learn how to embrace it and look forward to seeing new places and things on a regular basis. This, he says, is vital to enjoying auditing.  Upon completion of his internship, Chris says that this experience has made the transition from student to full-time employee easier, “I think making the transition from school to a career can be daunting for some students. I appreciate the chance to have had an internship with ADM. I think the experience will make my transition from school to work that much easier.”

For Chris, the most positive aspect of EIU’s School of Business is the assistance that was given to him during the process of finding a career. For incoming students, Chris encourages them to get involved in different registered student organizations to meet friends and create opportunities for the future.  He says, “When an opportunity presents itself like a good internship, take it seriously, work hard, and be professional, because that company is paying you a lot of money for you to be there, so make yourself worth their investment.”