College to Career Gives Students
Practical Ways to Achieve their Dreams



Dani OBrill

Accounting/Finance Major


Dani OBrill, an Accounting and Finance major, appreciates the importance of preparing for your career while you are completing your undergraduate degree. The College to Career Program is essential to the success of business students when they begin their careers. Dani says, “College to Career prepared me for the business world by teaching me goal development and time management. There are high expectations that have to be met, and without those skills your responsibilities can become overwhelming very quickly. Like most other students, I came to college with the overarching goal to graduate with career opportunities waiting for me. College to Career took that one big goal and created smaller practical goals in chronological order. By diligently achieving those smaller goals, I am confident that I have taken the steps necessary to complete my main goal. Without the outline that College to Career provides, I'm not sure I would have the same level of assurance about my future.”