College to Career Familiarizes Students
with Workplace Situations



Chloe Lampo

Management Major


Chloe Lampo is a Management major, and she jumped at the chance to begin the College to Career Program. Chloe says, “This program exposes students to situations dealing with the business world that they normally would not come across in the usual class setting. By attending speaker events and workshops, students can grow more familiar with situations that will be more common in the workplace. For example, having participated in mock interviews will definitely give students in the College to Career Program a big advantage over students who are new to the interview process when competing for jobs.”

Chloe understands the advantages that the College to Career Program gives to students. She says, “Coming to college can be very overwhelming to students, but the College to Career Program makes preparing for life after graduation a lot less intimidating. By giving participants a checklist and timeline, students know what they need to be accomplishing and when to complete it, in order for them to be the most competitive applicant for any career decision that they make.”