College to Career Gives Students
an Early Start on the Career Search



Dominic Baima

Pre-Business Marketing Major


Dominic Baima, a Pre-Business Marketing major, sees the importance of participating in the College to Career Program. He says that the program helps students to get organized and “has different stages that encourage you to get important things done, such as a resume, earlier on, rather than later.”

These stages motivate students to begin their career searches earlier than they would if the program were not moving them along. Dominic says, “Creating a resume now, as a freshman, gives me a leg up on my fellow students, and it makes it easier to update and develop my resume to fit my needs as I progress through my college career at EIU. Also, the internship panel verified to me that I need to do an internship, and that I should start looking very soon. Finally, meeting with a Career Services advisor helped me to choose a minor that will help me reach my career goals.”

Dominic is well on his way to a successful career, long before he completes his degree at EIU, thanks to his participation in the College to Career Program.