Lumpkin Hall Computer Lab Policies

General Policies

•Food or drink products are not allowed in the labs.

•Although this is not a library, it is an academic environment. Please keep the noise level low, so other students can concentrate on their work.

•If there is a class scheduled in a lab, other students must exit the lab unless permission is given by the instructor.

•All open lab computers can be monitored remotely.

Lost & Found Policy

•Items (other than flash drives) turned in to the Lumpkin Hall Help Desk will be given to the Student Center located at Lumpkin 2051. If not claimed, these items will be disposed of at the end of each semester.

•To protect the privacy of individuals, ALL data will be wiped from unclaimed flash drives after thirty(30) days.

Printing in the Labs

•Use Panther Card to pay for copies. (Cash-to-Chip machines are located nearby in Taylor Hall, Thomas Hall, and Booth Library.)

•Help desk employees are not able to take cash for printouts.

•Black/white printing cost is 7 cents per copy

•Color printing is 20 cents per copy

Help Desk Employees are trained to assist with

•Hardware and software issues in the computer labs

•Printing problems in the computer labs

•Audio visual problems in the classrooms

The University provides computing facilities and services for the legitimate instructional, research and administrative computing needs of the university. In support of the University’s Student Conduct Code, Eastern World Wide Web (WWW) Appropriate Use Policy, the Technology Student Guide and the ITS Security Policy Mandatory Reporting of Child Pornography by IT Professionals , the following activities are strictly prohibited and will be dealt with immediately:

•Unauthorized possession, use, destruction, modification or defacing of University computers, network access, related equipment, telephones, telecommunications, or laboratory equipment.

•Conduct or use which violates any university policy, or any local, state or federal law.

•Conduct or use which is lewd, indecent, obscene, defamatory or disorderly.

•Using local, national and international networks for things that are not legitimate instructional or research activities of the university. This includes but is not limited to articles for commercial gain posted on electronic news networks and repeated attempts to access restricted resources.

•Use resulting in commercial gain or private profit (other than allowable under university intellectual property policies).

•Violating copyright laws on software, digital images and other electronic media (such as music and videos).

•Disruptive conduct that would interfere with another person’s legitimate use of the facility. This includes noisy and over-exuberant conduct.

•Reading or using other’s files without their permission.

•Accessing an account not specifically authorized to you.

•Engaging in computing activities that are designed to invade the security of accounts.

•Sending any form of electronic communication that bears a fraudulent origin or identification.

•Harassing anyone by using insulting, obscene or suggestive electronic mail or news, tampering with other’s files and invasive access to other’s equipment.

Visitors to the Lumpkin Hall Computer Labs shall show identification when requested to do so by Lab personnel when the Lab personnel identify themselves and state the reason for their request. Campus police will be called when necessary. If further action is needed, procedures in accordance with Eastern Illinois University Student Conduct Code and the University Internal Governing Policies will be followed.