How to Establish an Internship at your Business

Identify Needs 

  • Identify the responsibilities within your organization that can be assigned to an intern.
  • Define the skills that the intern candidate should possess to successfully complete the internship.

Identify the Site Supervisor

  • Identify an employee within your organization who would serve as a Site Supervisor to guide and evaluate your intern's learning experience. 

Determine Salary

  • Most internship positions receive some form of remuneration. Payment to the intern confirms the responsibility associated with the work to be performed for your business.
  • Illinois companies may qualify for a partial salary subsidy through the Illinois Work Study Grant Program. Eastern Illinois University is one of the few public universities in the state which has funds through this grant program.

Complete the Internship Site Application

  •  Contact the Internship Coordinator to have an Internship Site Application forwarded to you or the Internship Site Application (.pdf) can be downloaded and filled out using word processing software, or print it out and complete it by hand. Fax or email the completed document to the internship coordinator.
  • To ensure full consideration, site applications to place interns with your organization should be received by the following dates:

Spring Semester - October 1
Summer Semester - March 1
Fall Semester – March 1

Select an Intern

The Internship Coordinator will work with you to develop a plan for identifying and selecting an internship candidate. Many options exist for internship recruitment including advertisement, referral, pre-screened interviews at your site, on-campus interviews, and Job Fairs.