Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I apply for graduation?
A: Students must apply for graduation so that all the requirements for the degree can be checked and the student can be certified for graduation.

Q: When should I apply for graduation?
Students who have completed 60 semester hours or more (business majors must also be admitted to the School of Business) are eligible to apply for graduation online. It is strongly recommended that eligible students apply for graduation at least one full year before they intend to graduate. (See published deadline dates).

Q: Am I required to have an internship?

A: Internships are not required, but are strongly encouraged. An internship provides a valuable opportunity to enhance your business knowledge and skills and, sometimes, leads to an offer of employment after graduation. To learn more, see Student Guide to Internships.

Q: Can I receive credit for my internship?

A: All business majors may earn elective credit for an internship, if the internship opportunity is approved as appropriate for academic credit. Students in the following majors may use approved internship credit as a three hour elective in their major: Management Information systems, Management, and Marketing. To learn more, see Earning Academic Credit for Your Internship.

Q: I am graduating after the current semester. Do I still need to see my advisor?

A: It is not mandatory that you meet with your advisor during the semester you are graduating. However, you advisor would be happy to meet with you to confirm your degree audit or answer any questions you might have regarding your graduation plans.

Q: I’m a Business minor. Where can I find out about the classes I can take?

A: Students with a minor are not required to meet with a School of Business advisor, but the staff of the School of Business certainly welcomes students to speak with an advisor about classes and course prerequisite information. For more information on the Business Administration minor, visit; for more information on the Management Information Systems minor, visit

Q: I heard about Supplemental Instruction in one of my classes. How do I go about enrolling in that program?

A: Supplemental Instruction is provided for targeted classes within the School of Business; if your class has been targeted for participation in the SI program, your instructor can give you more details on enrolling in the program. For more information, visit

Q: Where can I find a tutor that can help me understand my class material?

A: Tutors are available for many classes offered through the School of Business. A schedule can be found at and is posted on the door of the tutoring room, Lumpkin Hall 2131. The staff of the Student Center (Lumpkin Hall 2051) can also provide you with a printed schedule.

Q: Am I required to have an internship?
A: No, internships are not required, but are strongly encouraged for all business majors.

Q: Can I receive credit for my internship?
A: Yes, elective credit can be earned for approved internships. This information can be found at