Dr. Richard Wang: Inspiring Students to Succeed

Dr. Richard Wang

Assistant Professor of Accountancy

Dr. Wang is a new faculty member at the School of Business (his first year of teaching at EIU was 2010-2011), but he is already inspiring students to break the mold.  He says, "I believe that mentoring student research is key to educating future business leaders, as research develops students’ motivation, perseverance, teamwork, analytical, critical thinking and communication skills. I have always had a passion for mentoring student research. During my first year at EIU, I mentored Ms. Madeline Trimble’s undergraduate departmental honors research project. At the completion of the project, our co-authored research paper was accepted by a number of academic conferences, and Ms. Trimble has now been accepted directly after the completion of her undergraduate degree into an Accounting Ph.D. program by one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe, with a full scholarship, which shows the quality of Ms. Trimble's research and her dedication to the field of Accounting. I wish to continue this success by mentoring future student research projects and further developing the excellence of the School of Business departmental honors program and the MBA with Research Option."