Dr. Denise Smith: Research Mentoring

Dr. Denise Smith

Assistant Chair & Associate Professor of Management


A number of School of Business faculty devote a great deal of time to mentoring the research of undergraduate and graduate students.  They see the value in guiding students through the research process which can often be overwhelming.

Dr. Smith describes her experiences as a faculty research mentor: "Mentoring student research is a rewarding experience for me. Sometimes a student will already have a research topic in mind, but more often I will discuss current developments in the field of law during our first meeting, and the student will select one of those topics.  I encourage the students to use legal and ethical concepts they have learned from traditional classes and to research the concepts in much more depth.  I meet with each student several times during the semester to discuss cases and articles that they have found, and how these resources might have an impact on a company‚Äôs policies.  I enjoy watching these highly-motivated students discover new methods to analyze legal and ethical issues.  In turn, this process helps me to become a better teacher by learning new ways to communicate legal concepts to other students in my classroom."