Dr. Kesha Coker: Learning in the Classroom

Dr. Kesha Coker

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. Coker has a passion for teaching.  This is evident in the classroom, as she encourages students to reach their full potential, and to integrate the information they learn in class with their personal and professional development.

Dr. Coker says, "It is such a joy to work with students. I view teaching as an art, with the final masterpiece being successful business professionals. I believe in teaching by example, and I always integrate real world applications in my courses. A good example of my teaching philosophy can be found in the group project in my 'Promotion Management' course where each student group plays the role of consultant. Students critically analyze promotion strategies and make recommendations on improving marketing communications by real world businesses. I am always impressed by the students’ level of enthusiasm and the quality of the completed projects. By the end of the semester, students develop teamwork, research, creativity, and presentation skills which are vital success factors in the marketing field and in the world of business."