Lumpkin Hall: Home of the School of Business


Tutoring Office

The tutoring office provides a quiet space where students can go for one-on-one tutoring sessions with graduate assistants in the areas of financial accounting, managerial accounting, finance, statistics, and operations management.


Interactive Classroom

This small classroom allows for discussion and interaction in a small group setting. All of our Supplemental Instruction sessions and the “You’re Hired” program are held in this classroom.


Securities Analysis Center

The state-of-the-art Securities Analysis Center provides a hands-on learning environment using the same hardware and software used by professionals on an actual Trading Floor.


Collaborative Lab

The collaborative lab includes networked computer workstations configured to encourage interaction between students. The workstations include flat-screen monitors and swiveling keyboards that allow participants to share control of the PC. The facilitator workstation includes a PC with a touch screen control module that enables the instructor to display screen images from any workstation to a ceiling mounted projector or to any or all of the workstation monitors. Screen images from student workstations can also be projected to any of the workstation monitors and to the projector.


Tiered Classrooms

These classrooms are equipped with instructor stations that include state-of-the art instructional technology, including StarBoards and ceiling-mounted projector systems.




Recently Renovated Classroom

Lumpkin Hall 1041 was recently renovated.  New features of the classroom include ample white board space, moveable furniture, and laptop accessibility.  These features result in more flexibility for in-class activities and encourage interaction among students.





Computer Lab

The computer lab is used by students from across campus who enroll in the introductory computer applications course that is offered in the School of Business. During class students have the opportunity to use the latest software and hardware.



Roberson Auditorium

The auditorium can hold up to 200 people in comfortable chairs with writing tablets. This room is used most often for special event speakers hosted by the School of Business and other departments from across the university.


Multi-purpose Room

The multi-purpose room is conducive to many activities.  Its dual-projector system, whiteboard space, and moveable furniture make it an accommodating environment for classes.  The room also provides meeting space for faculty, students, and advisory board members.