Minor in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs—individuals who create and nurture new products and ventures—are a vital part of the economy. But many entrepreneurs lack the knowledge and skills needed to capitalize on their innovative ideas. Through the Minor in Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial students learn to recognize new business opportunities, to apply creativity and innovation to develop those opportunities, to identify funding resources, and to develop a venture plan. The Minor in Entrepreneurship is designed for students from all majors who may want to work in a family business, start or manage their own business, or to start a professional practice or skill-based business. For more details, visit the Entrepreneurship Minor website.

Course Requirements

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Entrepreneurship Minor Electives

Two electives selected from the following:

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XXX 4275 Internship (an internship completed through an appropriate university department)*

*An internship used as an elective in the Entrepreneurship Minor must be approved in advance by the School of Business Chair upon recommendation of the Entrepreneurship Minor Committee.