Business Community

The School of Business is proud to cultivate its strong relationships with the business community, through several ongoing initiatives and programs, and the School is always looking for new ways to connect its students and faculty with business professionals.

The Business Advisory Board and the Accountancy Advisory Board provide valuable interaction among board members, faculty, and students.  Our boards are extremely active, with each board having a full meeting of its membership on campus at least twice each year.  Additionally, members work between meetings to further the work of committees, to administer scholarships, to mentor current students and to provide professional development opportunities for our students.

As part of our focus on providing integrative learning opportunities for students, the School of Business encourages all of its students to consider participating in at least one internship experience during their academic careers.

The School of Business is home to several successful programs that bring business leaders and speakers to campus and to the classroom to give our students information directly from the experts.  These programs include the Executive-in-Residence Program, the Bertrand P. Holley Business Ethics & Social Responsibility Series, and the Grace T. Bair Lecture Series.  Additionally, our student organizations regularly invite speakers to campus to give information to their members, and individual faculty members often invite business professionals into their classrooms to share current information on business issues.

The School of Business partners with the Southeastern Illinois SCORE Chapter in order to provide business consulting services to support entrepreneurs in the area.


Business Advisory Board members
provide valuable expertise to
faculty and students.



The School of Business and its student organizations work
hard to create many, many opportunities for students
to learn from professionals, both in the classroom,
and in the business world.