School of Business Academic Information

The School of Business offers undergraduate degrees in five different majors in the on-campus program, as well as one major, Business Administration, which is offered at Parkland College in Champaign.  Additionally, the School of Business offers five minors for undergraduate students.  The MBA Program offers a number of options/concentrations to prepare students for their future careers.

Undergraduate Degrees

Business students may choose from five academic majors at Eastern Illinois University:




  Management Information Systems


One additional major – the B.S.B. in Business Administration – is an evening program offered only at Parkland College in Champaign.

To earn a bachelor’s degree in a business major, students must complete course work in three areas:

  1. General education courses: Students begin general education during their freshman year and complete most of the general education courses during their first two years.
  2. Business core courses: Students begin the business core by taking the Introductory Business Seminar in their freshman year and complete most of the business core during their sophomore and junior years. Strategy and Policy, taken during the senior year, is the capstone business core course.
  3. Major courses: Students complete almost all of their major courses during their junior and senior years.  See the individual pages for each major, linked above.

The School of Business offers a departmental honors program. For more information, see our Business Honors page.

Students who are interested in teaching business at the secondary level will major in Career and Technical Education (CTE) with an emphasis in Business Education, which is offered through the School of Technology. Visit the CTE website for more information.

Minor Programs

The School of Business offers five minors: