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Ledger 2 and 7 Budget Submission Procedures


The Budget Office uses a paperless process for the submission and approval of Local Fund original budgets. This process typically happens during the months of February through April. Financial Managers and their designee will receive an email with instructions and deadlines when this process is active if they have a Local Organization requiring them to complete this submission.  

Links to the Online Program

Financial Manager submittal
Ledger 2 link: https://www.eiu.edu/~cats/budget/ledger2/login.php
Ledger 7 link:
Dean/Director approval
Ledger 2 link: https://www.eiu.edu/~cats/budget/ledger2/deanDirector/login.php
Ledger 7 link:

VP/President approval
Ledger 2 link: https://www.eiu.edu/~cats/budget/ledger2/vpPres/login.php
Ledger 7 link:

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