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Biological Sciences Graduate Program Speakers Bureau

Graduate faculty from our program are available to present interesting seminars in their area of expertise to college and university groups. Our program will fund the costs for travel within "driving distance" of Charleston. If you are interested in having one of our faculty speak to your department, please contact the speaker directly.

Dr. Gary Bulla

  • "Discovering the link between diabetes, liver disease and cell suicide."
  • "Using molecular tools to dissect disease."

Dr. Janice Coons

  • "Using Native Plants in Landscaping."
  • "What makes a plant become endangered in Illinois?"

Dr. Steven Daniel

  • "Gut Bacteria: Their Role in the Prevention of Kidney Stones in Humans and Animals."
  • "Biochemistry and Physiology of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, a Fungal Plant Pathogen."

Dr. Kip McGilliard

  • "Effects of Xanthine Analogs on Respiratory Control in Newborn Rats."
  • "Studies on Diaphragm Contractility in Rats."

Dr. Scott Meiners

  • "Using conceptual models to understand exotic plant invasions in successional systems."

Dr. Andrew Methven

  • "The Flammulina story: There's more than one fungus among us."

Dr. Stephen Mullin

  • "Ecological disturbance in local and regional settings: Boon or bane for the Herpetologist?"
  • "Rat snakes in variable environments: Do generalists 'care' about optimality?"

Dr. Britto Nathan

  • "ApoE and Alzheimer's Disease."

Dr. Henry Owen

  • "What makes a plant become endangered in Illinois?"

Dr. Paul Switzer

  • "Dragonflies in Space"
  • "Beetles Gone Wild!: The Secret Sex Lives of Japanese Beetles"