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 Eric K Bollinger

Eric K Bollinger

Office: 2162 - Life Science Annex
Phone: 217-581-6653
Email: ekbollinger@eiu.edu

Frequently Taught Courses

Dr. Bollinger teaches Principles of Ecology, Ornithology, and Conservation Biology.


Dr. Bollinger's general research interests are in the conservation biology and behavioral ecology of birds and mammals. Specific research interests include the ecological and evolutionary aspects of cowbird parasitism and the impacts of habitat fragmentation on grassland birds. 

Selected Publications

Enstrom, P. C., and E. K. Bollinger. 2009. Stability in distributions of Black-capped, Carolina, and aberrant Chickadee song types in Illinois. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 121: (in press). 

Bollinger, E. K., P. V. Switzer, J. Pfammatter, and J. Allen. 2008. Group formation and anemone use in captively-reared anemonefish (Amphiprion frenatus). Ichthyological Research 55:394-398.

Peer, B. D., L. R. Hawkins, E. P. Steinke, P. B. Bollinger, and E. K. Bollinger. 2006. Eastern Bluebirds eject Brown-headed Cowbird eggs. Condor 108:741-745.

Selected Conference Presentations

Thompson, T. J. E. and E. K. Bollinger. 2006. Comparison of avian nest success among linear wooded habitats in an agriculturally fragmented landscape. 67th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference (Omaha, NB). 

Thompson, T. J. E. and E. K. Bollinger. 2007. Avian nest success among hedgerow and riparian habitat in an agriculturally fragmented landscape. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Illinois Chapter of the Wildlife Society (Moline, IL). 

>Bollinger, P. B. and E. K. Bollinger. 2007. Patterns of natal philopatry in Eastern Bluebirds in Illinois. American Ornithologists’ Union 125th Annual Meeting (Laramie, WY).

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