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Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Grants

The Department of Biological Sciences is providing monetary research awards for undergraduate students.  Research projects must be supervised by a Department of Biological Sciences faculty or staff member.  However, the application must be written by the student. A student may request funds for any activity related to the research that occurs during the current fiscal year (e.g., equipment and supply purchases, publication page charges or meeting travel expenses). 

Page charge and meeting expense funding requests must show that obtaining other means of funding was attempted, but the options were unavailable (such as page charge waivers from the publishers or funding from other grants). 

Awards are limited to $250 and each student may receive only one undergraduate research award per fiscal year.  If the overall cost of the proposed project exceeds $250, the proposal must state how the remainder of the necessary funds will be obtained.  Students whose research is funded must fill out a research summary report form by the end of the funding year.

Undergraduate Research Award Application.

Undergraduate Research Award Summary Report.

Undergraduate Research award applications should be submitted to Dr. Paul Switzer before the following deadlines:

 FY 2014-2015          Application Deadline 4 pm!                Summary Report Deadline 4 pm!

Round 1                            October 24 2014                                          May 15, 2015

Round 2                            February 18, 2015                                         May 15, 2015

Round 3                            April 15, 2015                                               August 31, 2015