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2013 Research Posters

E. Tuegel, M. Hughes, J. Annis, U. Idleman, J. Moore, J. O’Brien, D. Samarajeewa, and J. Coons.
Effect of Presoaks with Sulfuric Acid and Gibberellic Acid on Seed Germination of Ferocactus wislizeni.

J.M. Annis, J.E. O’Brien, J.M. Coons and B. Molano-Flores.
Seed Ecology of Federally-Threatened Pinguicula ionantha(Godfrey’s Butterwort).

J.E. O’Brien, J.M. Annis, J.M. Coons, and B. Molano-Flores.
Seed Germination of Scutellaria Species.

I.P. Gross, C.P. Lennon, M.A. Thomas, A.M. Durso, and S.J. Mullin.
Patterns of Snake (Colubridae:Storeria) Movement and Mortality During Seasonal Migrations Between Habitats.