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2010 Research Posters

Allen, K. K. and Bulla, G. A.
Role of liver-specific transcription factor-binding on gene expression.

Chakraborty N., Menze M.A., Elmoazzen H., Hand S.C. and Toner M.
Choline chloride improves the desiccation tolerance of Chinese hamster ovary cells. Poster session at the Summer Bioengineering Conference (SBC). Naples, FL, 2010.

Chakraborty N., Menze M.A., Hand S.C., and Toner M.
A spin drying technique for dry preservation of mammalian cells. Poster session at the annual Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) meeting. Austin, TX, 2010.

Durso, A. M. and Mullin, S. J.
Interactions between diet and behavior in the death-feigning snakes Heterodon nasicus and H. platirhinos.

Dust, A. and Bulla, G.A.
Analysis of Gene Silencing in Mammalian Cell Hybrids.

Ervin, S. L., Daugherty, B. M., Coutant, N. E. and Coons, J. M.
Influence of smoke solutions on the germination of twenty prairie plant species.

Finn, D. J., Prosser, S. D., Coons, J. M., Coutant, N. E., and Lawrence, B. A.
Burning system to collect water soluble compounds from the smoke of plant materials.

Hale, K. B. and Mullin, S. J.
Prey preference as a function of native versus introduced prey types in neonate gartersnakes (Colubridae: Thamnophis)

Owen, H.R., Estanda, A.B., Daugherty, B.M., Eident, S.A., Paul, O.P., Ervin, S.L., and Bailey, A.G.
Induction of Callus Tissue from mature Stem Explants of the Endangered Kankakee Mallow, Iliamna remota

West, J.L., Thomas, T., Moody, C., and Colombo, R.E.
Habitat Restoration of Kickapoo Creek