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2003 Research Posters

Barding, E. and Nelson, T.
Movements and Habitat Selection by Raccoons in a Fragmented Agricultural Landscape in Illinois.

Barsukova, A.G., Gerhardt, K.F., Grissom, E.M., and Nathan, B.P.
A Cell Culture System For Studying the Role of ApoE in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Beach, S.E., Coons, J.M., Owen, H.R., Todd, B.L. and Smith, M.A.
Comparison of Seed Production and Germination in Three Distinct Colonies of Lesquerella ludoviciana.

Burmeister, M.S., DeLine, C.S., Greenwood-DeLine, L., Kimmey, J.A., Schrage, K.M., Wachholder, B.E. Meiners, S.J. and Methven, A.S.
Dead and Lichen It: Lichen Community Structure on Gravestones.

Conrad, S. (and Nelson, T.)
Effects of shrub cover on the abundance and distribution of small mammals.

Cox, D.R. and Nelson, T.A.
Can Habitat Measurements Predict the Abundance of Beavers in Illinois Rivers?

Daniel, S.L., Runyon, C., Williams, J., Flanagan, M., Brueck, C., and Lehtinen, M.
Degradation of Glyoxylate and Glycolate by Human Gastrointestinal Microbes.

Dunn, K. and Nelson, T.
Investigating the Foraging Niches of Three Species of Illinois Bats.

Fanta, S.E., Pederson, C.L. and Fischer, R.U.
Relationship of Benthic Productivity and Stream Water Chemistry: The Influence of Landscape in Illinois Watersheds.

Foster, C.D.
The Population Status and Habitat Selection of the Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) in East-Central Illinois.

Goradia, L.D., Daniel, S.L. and Hartman, G.L.
Evaluation of Round-Up Ready Soybean Cultivars for Resistance to Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. glycines.

Kirkpatrick, N., Will, J. and McGaughey, J.
Tetracycline Resistance in Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria Recovered from Landfill Leachate.

Kroll, A.R. and Nelson, T.A.
Activity patterns and habitat use by feral and free-ranging cats in rural Illinois.

Litherland, M.T., Yost, J., Struble, R.G., Switzer, P.V. and Nathan, B.P.
Behavioral Studies on an Animal Model for Alzheimer’s Disease.

McFarland, H. L. and  Meiners, S. J. 
Impacts of Rosa multiflora invasion on plant community dynamics.

Nash, D.R. and Pederson, C.L.
The Effects of Developmental Temperature on Fecundity of Daphnia lumholtzi, an Exotic Zooplankter.

Pederson, C.L., Fischer, R.U., Thomas, K.M. and Fanta, S.E.
Biotic assessment of water quality in the Sangamon River.

Runyon, C., and Daniel, S.L.
Enrichment of Anaerobic Glyoxylate-Degrading Bacteria from the Human Gut.

Towey, J.B.
The Influence of Fish Presence on Amphibian Breeding Efforts in a Central Illinois Field Experiment.

Wachholder, B.E., Kerber, A.J., Owen, H.R. and Coons, J.M.
Influence of Light and Sucrose on In Vitro Development of Shoots in Stylisma Pickeringii var Pattersoni

Will, J., Kirkpatrick, N. and McGaughey, J.
Recovery of Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus and Streptococcus spp. from Landfill Leachate.

Yurkonis, K.A., Coons, J.M., Meiners, S.J. and Lewis, S.E.
A Survey of Non-Native Plants Along Roadsides in the Central and Western States.

Yurkonis, K.A. and Meiners, S.J.
Invasion by Lonicera japonica Impacts Species Turnover in a Successional System.