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Stover-Ebinger Herbarium

The herbarium was started in 1899. Originally named the Stover Herbarium for Dr. Ernest L. Stover, professor of botany from 1923-1960, the name was expanded in 1995 to honor John E. Ebinger on the occasion of his "retirement." Dr. Ebinger collected about half the specimens in the collection and served as curator from 1963-1995. The Stover-Ebinger Herbarium ("EIU" in Index Herbariorum, ed. 8), holds approximately 70,000 specimens. It contains a thorough representation of the flora of the Midwestern United States. Most of its holdings are specimens collected in Illinois, with a good representation from throughout the state. The collection is used by faculty and students at the college in classes and for research. Students and faculty conducting ecological studies and floristic inventories use herbarium specimens to help identify plant specimens collected in the field. Students in the Plant Taxonomy, Dendrology and Local Flora classes use the collection to learn species and identify specimens. In the Aquatic Macrophytes, General Botany, Ethnobotany and Plant Morphology classes, herbarium specimens are used in the classroom and laboratory to allow morphological comparison of plant taxa. The herbarium is located in room 3043 of the Life Sciences Building.

For information about vascular plants and bryophytes, contact Dr. Gordon C. Tucker.
For information about the Cryptogamic Herbarium, contact Dr. Andrew S. Methven.