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cryptogamic herbarium

The Eastern Illinois University Cryptogamic Herbarium is dedicated to collecting, preserving and conducting scientific research on lichens and fungi. The Cryptogamic Herbarium includes more than 10,000 specimens of fungi (particularly the Agaricales).

The nucleus of the fungus collections are the specimens of Dr. Andrew Methven who has collected extensively in California, the southern Appalachians and throughout the Midwest. The collection has been strengthened by the acquisition of a set of North American Fungi (Ellis & Everhart) and duplicate specimens of New England fungi from the University of Massachusetts (courtesy of the New York Botanical Garden). The foundation for the lichen collection laid by Dr. Wesley Whiteside and supplemented by Dr. Methven and their students represents a broad spectrum of lichens from the southern Appalachians and the Midwest.

Examples of specimens from the fungal and lichen community include Boletinellus merulioidesLobaria pulmonariaVolvariella bombycinaLactarius griseus and Umbilicaria and Lasallia.

Access to the research collection is available upon request from Dr. Andrew Methven, the Cryptogamic Herbarium curator. Images Copyright Dr. Andrew Methven.