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Undergraduate Courses

Tentative course offerings   
Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Bio 1001G Biological Principles and Issues
Bio 1002G Practical Botany
Bio 1003G Life of Animals
Bio 1004G Practical Microbiology
Bio 1091G Biological Principles and Issues, Honors
Bio 1092G Practical Botany, Honors
Bio 1093 Life of Animals, Honors
Bio 1094G Practical Microbiology, Honors
Bio 1100 General Biology
Bio 1150 Biology Forum
Bio 1200G General Botany
Bio 1300G Animal Diversity
Bio 2001G Human Physiology
Bio 2002G Environmental Life Sciences
Bio 2003G Heredity and Society
Bio 2091G Human Physiology, Honors
Bio 2092G Environmental Life Sciences, Honors
Bio 2093G Heredity and Society, Honors
Bio 2200 Human Anatomy
Bio 2320 Economic Botany - Role of Plants in the World Economy
Bio 3120 Molecular and Cell Biology
Bio 3200 Genetics
Bio 3210 Immunology
Bio 3300 General Microbiology
Bio 3312 Horticulture
Bio 3322 Dendrology
Bio 3400 Methods of Teaching Biological Sciences in High School
Bio 3450 Independent Study
Bio 3451 Undergraduate Research
Bio 3510 Plant Physiology
Bio 3520 Animal Physiology
Bio 3612 Plant Evolution & Diversity 
Bio 3614 Plant Anatomy
Bio 3620 Functional Comparative Anatomy
Bio 3622 Embryology
Bio 3624 Histology
Bio 3700 Parasitology
Bio 3710 Plant - Animal Interactions
Bio 3720 Entomology
Bio 3800 Ecology
Bio 3810 Freshwater Ecology
Bio 3850 Environmental Biology
Bio 3888G Subtropical and Marine Ecology
Bio 3950 Vertebrate Natural History
Bio 3952 Invertebrate Natural History
Bio 3960 Special Topics
Bio 3988 Animal Welfare: Ethics
Bio 4275 Internship
Bio 4400 Teaching in the Lab
Bio 4444 Honors Independent Study
Bio 4555 Honors Undergraduate Research
Bio 4644 Honors Thesis
Bio 4666 Honors Seminar

EIU 4111g Plants and Civilization
EIU 4118g Sociobiology
EIU 4169g Women in Science
EIU 4290g Plants and Civilization, Honors

STA 3970 Ethnobotany in China