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Tentative course offerings 

Bio 4750 Biometrics
Bio 4751 Advanced Molecular Cell Biology
Bio 4810 Plant Ecology
Bio 4812 Fisheries Ecology and Management
Bio 4814 Conservation Biology
Bio 4816 Study of Biotic Communities
Bio 4818 Environmental Microbiology
Bio 4820 Spatial Analysis for Environmental Science
Bio 4830 Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
Bio 4832 Animal Behavior
Bio 4834 Neurobiology
Bio 4836 Pathogenic Microbiology
Bio 4840 Resource Management and Environmental Assessment
Bio 4892 Introduction to Paleobotany
Bio 4940 Phycology
Bio 4942 Mycology
Bio 4944 Lichens
Bio 4946 Bryology
Bio 4948 Plant Taxonomy
Bio 4950 Ichthyology
Bio 4952 Herpetology
Bio 4954 Ornithology
Bio 4956 Mammalogy
Bio 4960 Wetland and Aquatic Vascular Plants
Bio 4964 Entomology
Bio 4984 Organic Evolution

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