How Can I Prepare for a Graduate Program?

The majority of our BGS graduates continue their education toward completion of a graduate degree. If you think you might be interested in applying to The Graduate School after achieving your bachelor’s degree, you’ll want to take steps now toward that goal. Here is a list of recommendations.

  1. Solid grades are a prerequisite to any graduate program, so maintain a high GPA. Professional work experience, employer recommendations, and favorable faculty evaluations are also important.
  2. Contact the Graduate Coordinator for the graduate program you plan to pursue to ask if there are any undergraduate classes that you should take now as you work toward your bachelor’s degree, and that would be required for your graduate degree.
  3. Take several classes in an area of study that will increase your knowledge of your chosen graduate program.
  4. Advanced written and oral communication skills are necessary for success in a graduate program so don’t shy from opportunities to strengthen those skills, such as research papers and oral presentations. Some graduate applications will require a written essay from the applicant.
  5. Listen to the presentation by our university’s Graduate School dean (Dr. Augustine), accessible from the School of Continuing Education website. You’ll find the “Preparation to Pursue a Graduate Degree” link on the right side of your screen.
  6. Visit the EIU Graduate School website for information on the application process, required test scores, etc.