2011 Asian Studies Student Conference & Award Ceremony



12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Luncheon & Awards Announcement

  • Dr. Jinhee Lee, Coordinator of Asian Studies
  • Dr. Tim Engles, Asian Studies Awards Committee

1:00 - 2:30 p.m. Panel I: Politics of Culture, Race, and Debt

  • Crystal Abbey, Eastern Illinois University (History) “Redress and Reparations: The Japanese American Internment”
  • Mari Naganuma, University of Illinois (Global Studies) “A Break from Conventional Distribution Theories: US Humanitarian Assistance to North Korea”
  • Xinbo Li, University of Illinois (Law) “Cross-Border Insolvency Development in Chinese Bankruptcy Law”
  • John Goldsworthy, Eastern Illinois University (History) “Japanese Education Policies in Colonial Korea: Identity Construction and the Politics of Assimilation”

2:45 - 4:20 p.m. Panel II: Tradition, Gender, and State

  • Sonya Leigh Scott, Eastern Illinois University (History) “The Necessity of Feminist Inquiry: Relationships to Power, Women, and the Japanese State, 1868-1921”
  • James Orseno, Eastern Illinois University (Philosophy) “The Concept of Causality”
  • Chao Ren, Illinois Wesleyan University (History) “Wei Yuan and the Chinese Totalistic Iconoclasm: The Demise of Confucianism in Matter and in Form”
  • Chady Hosin, Eastern Illinois University (History) “The Family is a Small State and the State is a Large Family: Imposition of Order through Morality and Architecture in Early Meiji Japan”
  • Michelle Moery, Eastern Illinois University (History) “Caution- May Have Side Effects: Consequences of the Asia Pacific War on Present-day Japanese Society”

EIU Faculty Discussants
Drs. Sace Elder (History), Jinhee Lee (History), Mukti Upadhyay (Economics), John Martone (English), Karl-Ludwig Konrad (Foreign Languages), ShamAh Md-Yunus (Education)

4:20 p.m: Concluding Remarks

* The EIU Student Conference on Asia is made possible by Asian Studies and the Eastern Illinois University Foundation Redden Grant.


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