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Today, evolving technology paired with brilliant artistic minds constantly redefines what we think of as art, necessitating art educators and artists to actively seek out and apply new approaches to curriculum design and innovative methods for instructional delivery.

Engaged art education practitioners are connected online to an ever- expanding community of practice, to contemporary life and societal issues, to constantly evolving digital and social media and their impact on global understandings, and to current research and practices in arts related disciplines.


Andrea Blaser: Broadening High School Art Students' Skill Sets

EIU graduate and high school art teacher Andrea Blaser discusses the variety of skills she developed as a Department of Art student at Eastern and how she aims to pass that versatility on to her students.

EIU offers you rich and sustained opportunities to achieve your creative, professional, and life goals as an arts educator.

Our courses prepare you for professional engagement in a variety of settings including but not limited to K-12 classrooms, community art centers, community colleges, public and private schools, educational publishing and consulting industries, arts advocacy organizations, hospitals, libraries, early childhood and senior care facilities , and a plethora of other settings in which art education finds a home.


There can be no doubt about the significance and role of art in 21st century life. Life today is characterized by a diverse multifaceted global society that shares ideas, agendas, and information instantaneously through digital and social media. Just as art today reflects, celebrates, critiques, and shapes societies throughout the world, as an art educator you are central to inspiring and shaping the hearts and minds of the individuals you teach. In doing so, we transform ourselves, our students, our communities, and the world.

The Art Education option is an excellent choice if you are a certified teacher and need to acquire a graduate degree for an entry-level position and beyond.

Shannon Johnson: Developing Artists in the Community

Shannon Johnson, proprietor of Art Smart studio in Charleston, discusses the ways her graduate study in Eastern Illinois University's art department shaped her professional approach to art education.

The Community Art Option is an excellent choice if you are an art education professional in a museum, or other cultural institution, who has a BFA, BA, or a BS in a Visual Arts degree program, Art History and Museum Studies, or a professional with 18 hours or more of art courses and need to acquire a graduate degree for an entry-level position and beyond.