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As a student within the Art Department, you are probably eligible for a number of program-specific scholarships at Eastern Illinois University. Using this simple search engine, we can provide you with a list of these awards and more information about each scholarship's application requirements.

444 Scholarships Met Your Exact Criteria

Click on a scholarship title to view the detailed information about the scholarship as well as contact information to apply for the scholarship.

Access to Education Award-Work Study:A2EWS (Currently Unfunded)
Access to Education Award: A2E2
Africana Studies Alumni Annual Scholarship
Ahmad Murad Scholarship
AIFS Scholarship
Al & Vesta Rundle Scholarship
Alan R. Aulabaugh Music Scholarship
Alexander Briggs Memorial Award
Alexander Hamilton Paper Award in American History
Alice G. Pennybacker Secondary Education Scholarship
Allan D. Heath Fifth Year Student Athlete Scholarship
Alpha Phi Scholarship Fund
Altamont Lions Club/Ernie C. Ballard Scholarship
Alumni & Friends of Soccer Scholarship
Alumni and Friends of Rugby Scholarship
American Marketing Association Achievement Award
American Marketing Association Award
Amy Blumberg Memorial Scholarship
Anam Cara Scholar Fund
Andrew Galo Scholarship for International Studies
Angel Annual Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
Ann Frommel Memorial Award
Anna Roberta Sain Nursing Scholarship
Anne Frank Award
Annie L. Weller Scholarship
Annie L. Weller Scholarship In Geography
API Scholarship
Ardath Fogelsanger Scholarship
Art Department Grant-in-Aid Award
Art Department Talented Student Awards
Athenaeum Philosophy Scholarship
Athletic Training Scholarship
B. Weir -E. Waffle Journalism Award
Balsaar & Ruth Bubeck Scholarship
Barbara Snow Award
Bertha G. Hoedebecke Scholarship
Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship
Betty Lou Balasi Scholarship
BGS Degree Completion Scholarship
Bill Spaniol Memorial Scholarship
Birdina Gregg Annual Scholarship
BKD, LLP Accounting Scholarship
Bobbie King Memorial Scholarship
Brad Wright Memorial Scholarship
Brenda Edgar Scholarship For Women
Brian & Trina Myerscough- Chad Pfeffinger Outstanding Sigma Pi Service Award
Brian Reed Excellence in Jazz Annual Scholarship
Broadcast Journalism Scholarship
Bryan & Adra Heise Elementary Education Scholarship
Buffenmeyer Friend Scholarship
Burgner Memorial Scholarship
Burke Family Scholarship
Business and Education Scholarship
C. Roger Sorensen Golf Scholarship
C. Roger Sorensen Tennis Scholarship
C.A. Hollister Pre-Law Award
Calvin Countryman Memorial Award
Carl N. Sexton Memorial Fund
Carl P. Koerner Jr. Scholarship
Carol A. Manhart Sch
Carol Schnick Coyle El Teacher Ed
Carol Specht Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn Shores Cook & Allyn Cook Mem Sch
Carpenters Local #243 Scholarship
Caterpillar Homeland Security Scholarship
Cathy Hunter Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship
Charles & Barbara Clark Elementary Education Scholarship
Charles & Ferne Tingley Compton Botany Sch
Charles A. Elliott Technology Education Award
Charles and Elizabeth Huber Education Scholarship
Charles and Mary Lantz Scholarship
Charles Austin Honors Scholarship
Charles B. Arzeni Tropical Biology
Charles Gifford Manion Memorial Scholarship
Charles Jacobs and Mariann Younger Scholarship
Charles L. and Kathryn Joley and Family Deans Scholarship in Education
Christopher E. Tredennick Memorial Scholarship
Christos & Theodora Efstathiou Scholarship
Cindra Ward Stiff Professional Business Scholarship
Civil Service Council Scholarship
Claire E. Krukenberg Mathematics Scholarship
Coach Baker Memorial Award
Coles-Douglas Scholarship
College Access Foundation of California Sch
Communication Studies Grant-in-Aid Award
Communication Studies Talented Student Award
Continuing Student Scholarship
COS Advisory Board Endowed Fund Sch
COS Student Advisory Board Student Assist. Award
Cyril D. Reed Mathematics Scholarship
Dallas and Nina Minniear Scholarship
Daniel E. and M. Adrianne Thornburgh Scholarship
Daniel E. Marvin Jr. WEIU Scholarship
David Coon Memorial Scholarship
David L. & Audrey Jorns Business Education Scholarship
David R. & S. Lynn Murphy Psychology Scholarship
Dean Giffin Award
DEANS Ecological Sciences Scholarship
Debbie Kroening Hudgins Scholarship
Decatur Breakfast Sertoma Annual Scholarship
Department of Music Grant-in-Aid Award
Department of Music Talented Student Award
DiPietro Memorial Mathematics Education Scholarship
Dolly J and H. Gene McFarland Kinesiology & Sports Studies Scholarship
Don & Mary (Hartke) Gher Scholarship
Don & Pam Sundheim Study Abroad Sch
Don and Ferne Rogers and Daughters Scholarship
Donald & Lucille Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Donald L. and Margaret A. Moler Memorial Scholarship
Donna Lynn Connelly Scholarship
Dorothe L. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy and DuWayne Hansen Music Scholarship
Dorothy Davis Bunge Scholarship
Dorothy E. Walden Short Term Study Abroad Sch
Dorothy M. Hart Memorial Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Larson Athletic Training Scholarship
Dr. Ann E. Jackson Catholic Scholars Program Scholarship
Dr. Barbara L. Hill Memorial Sch
Dr. Bill Wootton Accounting Excellence Award
Dr. Charles I. Switzer Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Fred & Sara Jane Preston Award in Nursing Sch
Dr. Harold M. & Alice D. Cavins Scholarship
Dr. Henry Taitt Physics Scholarship
Dr. J. Glenn Ross Scholarship
Dr. James D. Price Delta Chi Business Education Scholarship
Dr. John Guckert Memorial Award
Dr. John L. Roberts Schoalrship in Middle School Education
Dr. John L. Roberts Scholarship in Management
Dr. Joseph W. Pankau Scholarship in Health Studies
Dr. Kenneth E. Hadwiger Foreign Cultures Award
Dr. Louis Grado Sch in Education and Service
Dr. Luis F. Clay-Mendez Sch
Dr. Robert & Lourdine Webb Piano Sch
Dr. Robert V. Wharton Scholarship
Dr. Robert Zabka Special Education Scholarship
Dr. William Bailey Fund
Dr. William V. Weber Minority Affairs/TRIO Retention Fund
Dr. William V. Weber Study Abroad Assistance Scholarship
Drs. Christine & Larry Helsel Public Relations Sch
Dwight & Bette (Leckrone) Baptist Sch
E. Warner/ P. Hinz Pre-Med Award
E. Warner/D. Thornburgh Presidential Award in Journalism
E. Warner/L. Durham Presidential Award in Environmental Biology
Earl S. Dickerson Award
Economics Alumni Scholarship
Edgar County EIU Alumni Scholarship Fund
Edgar County Livingston C. Lord Scholarship
Edith Breving Annual Scholarship
Edson H. Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Education Scholars Award
Edward Mac and Barbara Corley Undergraduate Economics Scholarship
EI&U Leadership Fund
Eileen and Reuben Seltzer Scholarship for Adult Learners
Eileen F. Hubbard Scholarship
EIU Annuitants Association Sch
EIU Track and XC Alumni Annual Scholarship
EIU Tuition Grant (TUI)
Elsie and Erson Giffin Scholarship
Eric Schuster Scholarship
Ernest and Janis Hoffman Family Scholarship
Ernest L. Stover Scholarship
Errett & Mazie Warner Athletic Award
Errett & Mazie Warner Award in Geology/Geography
Errett & Mazie Warner Award in Zoology
Errett & Mazie Warner Elementary Education Award
Errett & Mazie Warner English Award
Errett & Mazie Warner History Award
Errett & Mazie Warner Mathematics Award
Errett & Mazie Warner Sec. Ed. Award
Errett & Mazie Warner Special Education Award
Errett and Mazie Warner Botany Award
Errett and Mazie Warner Presidential Award in Music
Errett Warner Award in Phys. Ed
Estelle Ruth OBrien Math Scholarship
Eulalee Anderson Fund for International Students
Ewen Lefty Bryden Alumni Scholarship
Felstehausen/Boldrey Excellence in Career & Organizational Studies Fund
First Neighborhood Bankshares, Inc. Scholarship
Flora Saxby Hawkes Memorial Scholarship in English
Florence Kaplan Foundation Endowment
Florence McAfee Scholarship
Frances M. Hoene Memorial Scholarship
Frank McCormick Phi Beta Kappa Study Abroad Scholarship
Gary A. and Marilyn J. Gerdt Music Scholarship
Gary and Tess Melvin Nursing Program Development Fund
Gayle Hutton Adkins Award
Gene Seymour Memorial Sports Journalism Scholarship
Genelle Voigt Jackson English Scholarship
George L. Cunningham Jr. Chemistry Scholarship
George Preisser Memorial Scholarship
George Westcott Band Award
Gerald Sullivan Scholarship
Gerardo J. Solis Latino/Latina Scholarship
Gina Giffin Garcia Scholarship
Glendon Gabbard Theatre Arts Sch
Glenn A. McConkey Scholarship
Glenn Lefler Physics Scholarship
Glorivette Alegria Memorial Sch
Grace Markwell Meier Scholarship in Geography
Grace T. Bair Business Scholarship
Graham R. Lewis Memorial Poetry Award
Grote Stahl Sch
Habeeb Family Scholarship for Business Students
Habeeb Habeeb Annual Scholarship for Non-Traditional Students
Hal Middlesworth Scholarship
Harold Dean Fildes Scholarship
Harry & Beulah Sockler Scholarship
Harry Frost Chemistry Scholarship Fund
Health Studies Student Achievement Award
Helen Riley Scholarship
History Faculty Writing Award in European History
History Faculty Writing Award in World History
Hobart F. Heller Scholarship
Hope Brown Nelson Elementary Education Student Teaching Scholarship
Howard DeForest Widger Scholarship
Hunt Environmental Biology Award
Illinois Broadcasters Association Scholarship
International Student Scholarship
Irene Couchman Buzzard Scholarship
Isabel McKinney Graduate Scholarship
Iva P. Miller Special Education Memorial Scholarship
Ivan W. & Mabel Blum Weaver Scholarship
J. Robert Pence Memorial Scholarship
J.Y. Kelly Scholarship
Jack K. & Marge Hatfield Scholarship
Jack Robert Kelly Scholarship
James A. Saunders Scholarship
Jeffrey G. and Lila M. Scott Scholarship
Jennifer Woods Memorial Scholarship
Jerry Rooke Accountancy Scholarship
Jessie Voigt Allhands Math Scholarship
Jesusa Valdez Kinderman Scholarship
Joan R. & Glenn D. Williams Women's Athletic Scholarship
Joe Dunn Memorial Scholarship
John & Bina Jo Walters Music Sch
John & Katharine England Currey Sch
John and Mary Kensil Delta Chi Scholarship
John D. Schmitt Scholarship
John David Reed Journalism Scholarship
John E. & Mary J. Price Scholarship
John F. Sellers Memorial Music Scholarship
John George Wozencraft, Jr. Memorial Award
John Leduc Math Teaching Practicum Award Fund
John P. Coffey US Veterans Sch
Johnetta Jones Sch
Jon & Diana Giffin Geologist Sch
Jon J. Hopkins Memorial Speech Education Scholarship
Joseph & Cecilia Covi Scholarship
Journalism Grant-in-Aid Award
Joyce S. Crouse Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship
Judge & Usha Oberoi Scholarship
June Krutza Art Scholarship
Kappa Mu Epsilon Calculus Prize
Kate & Cliff Strandberg Study Abroad in Europe Scholarship
Kate Booker Stapp Scholarship
Kelley L. Neville Early Childhood Memorial Scholarship
Kenneth & Keith Kohanzo Industrial Technology Scholarship
Kenneth E. and Donelda A. Damann Aquatic Ecology Award
Kenneth E. Coffey Jr. Scholarship
Kenneth E. Hadwiger, Ph.D. Scholarship
Kevin & Pam Savoree Scholarship
Kris Beedy Karner Scholarship
L. Joyce Taylor Student Teaching Sch
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Founders Alumni Scholarship
Lambda Chi Alpha Scholastic Incentive Scholarship
Larry J. Ankenbrand Physical Education Sch
Lee E. & Fay C. Dulgar Mathematics Scholarship
Leften Stavrianos World History Award
Leona Stanford Vollintine Charitable Trust Fund Scholarship
Leonard & Olga Durham Environmental Biology Fund
Lewis T. White Memorial Scholarship
Lincoln Academy of Illinois Award
Lincoln J. Woodyard & Florence M. Woodyard Accounting Scholarship
Lincoln, Florence, & Bonita Woodyard Ed. Sch
Livingston C. Lord Scholarship
Liz Halbert-Edwards Memorial Sch
Lois Elliott Industrial Technology Scholarship
Lori James Memorial Scholarship
Lou & Mary Kay Hencken Sch
Lou Ann and Tom Waskom Sch
Louis V. Hencken Housing Service Scholarship
Louise C. Miller Music Scholarship
Louise Murray Scholarship
Lucille M. Klehm Technology Ed. Award
Lucina Paquet Gabbard English Scholarship
MacGilvray Family Scholarship
Margaret Schmidt Memorial Sch
Marian Leitch Wozencraft Sch
Marion Railsback Webb Foreign Language Sch
Marjorie Ingram Griffin Sch
Mark Atwood Evans Memorial Art Scholarship
Martha Elizabeth and Vernice Elzie Clark Memorial Scholarship
Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship
Martin O. Schahrer Scholarship
Mary (Wohlrabe) Durkin Sch
Mary K. Moore Early Childhood Education Scholarship
Mary L. Carrico Gaskill Scholarship
Maynard "Pat" O'Brien Scholarship
McCoy Family Sch
McKenna Secondary Education Scholarship
Messer Family Scholarship In Technology
Michael A. Scott Memorial Scholarship
Mike and Susan Petrik Annual Scholarship Award for Excellence
Miranda Rice Weiss Art History Scholarship
Miriam Bland McMahan Early Childhood Education Scholarship
Moler-Austin Sch
Murray & Sallie Walters Memorial Scholarship
Nancy E. Henn Memorial Scholarship
Nate Anderson Scholarship Incentive Fund
Neil & Shirley Moore Mens Track Scholarship
Nell C. Hutchason Scholarship
Office of Student Programs Grant-in-Aid Award
Office of Student Programs Talented Student Award
Office of Study Abroad Grants
Old Main Memorial Scholarship
Omar Schmeusser Memorial Scholarship
Ona Norton Scholarship
Ozier Child & Family Award
Parents Club Scholarship
Paul D. Pierotti Memorial Scholarship
Paul Turner Sargent Scholarship
Peace to Meece Memorial Cross Country Scholarship
Phi Alpha Eta Scholarship
Phoebe and Mike Church Scholarship
Political Science Outstanding Senior Scholarship
Rachael Richardson Scholarship
Rachel Stapp Teaching Sch
Ralph Y. McGinnis Scholarship
Ray & Evelyn Duncan Teaching Scholarship
Ray Padovan "Swim Early to Swim Fast" Swimming Athletic Scholarship
Raymond L. Modesitt Math Scholarship
Reading Council Scholarship
Rev. Joseph E. & Mrs. Gloria S. Seiler Elementary Education Scholarship
Rex Syndergaard Scholarship
Richard & Kathy Hummel Socio-Anthro Scholarship
Richard G. Enochs Scholarship
Richard Icen Fourth Estate Award
Richard Jacques Rubber Chicken Fund
Richard L. & Ellen A. Keiter Undergrad Research Fellowship
Richard L. Crouse Memorial Scholarship
Richard L. Wise - Lester B. Stoner Scholarship in Geography
Robert & Julie Sterling History Scholarship
Robert A. Pringle Memorial Sch
Robert and Ann Flick Study Abroad Annual Scholarship
Robert and Norma Winkleblack Scholarship
Robert Barford Philosophy Scholarship
Robert DeBolt '62 Technology Scholarship
Robert E. Bliss (AKA Sweet Old Bob) Scholarship
Robert Edwin Witters Sch
Robert F. Glover Student Leadership Scholarship
Robert G. Buzzard Memorial Scholarship in Geography
Robert G. Buzzard Presidential Memorial Scholarship
Robert L. & Luz M. Whittenbarger Sociology Scholarship
Robert Thomas Lynch, Virginia Gwin Lynch & Robert William Unger Scholarship
Robert W. and Laura M. Hussey Scholarship
Roger F. Hibbs Memorial Chemistry Scholarship
Ron & Carol Jean (McHenry) Martin Communication and Theatre Scholarship
Ronald & Myra Jeffris Music Excellence Endowment
Ronald A. Wilson Scholarship
Ronald and Myra Jeffris Business Scholarship
Ronald E. Gholson Endowed Faculty & Student Service Award
Rosemary Bevis Knezovich Scholarship
Roy E. Ehrsam Scholarship
Roy K. Wilson Journalism Sch
Ruby M. Harris Scholarship
Ruby Trimble Memorial Sch
Rudolph D. Anfinson Scholarship
Rudolph G. & Kathryn E. Hlavek Scholarship
Ruth & Ansel Schmalhausen Scholarship
Ruth C. Boyd Cook Memorial Award
Ruth Carman Scholarship
Ruth Miller Esbeck Sch
Ryland Hall Fund
Sally Bohs Delaney Sch
Samantha E. Middendorf Journalism Scholarship
Sandra and Jack Pine Scholarship Program
Sarah Adams Leitch Elementary Education Scholarship
Sarah Wozencraft Cox Art Award
Sardella Family Elementary Education Scholarship
Sardella Family Nurse Incentive Scholarship
Schmalhausen Family Scholarship
Scholars in Undergraduate Research at Eastern (SURE Awards)
School of Continuing Education Alumni Endowment
School of Continuing Education Staff Scholarship
School of Tech Alumni Sch
Scott Funkhouser Memorial Scholarship
Secondary Education Telefund Scholarship
Shannon McNamara Outstanding Phys Ed
Sidney R. Steele Student Summer Award
Sigma Alpha Iota Music Scholarship
Social Science Writing Award
Socio-Anthro Alumni Scholarship
Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Scholarship (SEDS)
Special Tuition Waiver Scholarship for EIU Scholars going on Exchange Programs
Spencer, McGown, Wilson Award
Staff Partnership Scholarship
Stan & Sandy Rives Excellence in Undergraduate Education Award
Stan, Dee & Meagan Braden Scholarship
Stephan M. Horak Memorial Scholarship
Stephen Jay Gould Award
Stephen Wayne Kennard Memorial Scholarship
Sue (Archibald) & Randy Taylor Scholarship in Education
Sue B. Stoner Scholarship
Sue Nichols OBrien Sch
Talented Student Award in Journalism
The Cal Smith Civic Engagement Annual Scholarship
The Coles County Business and Professional Women's Club Scholarship Fund
The Daily Eastern News Scholarship
The Dr. Robert H. Griffiths Award
The G.B. Dudley Memorial Scholarship
The H. F. Thut Award
The Keller Family Scholarship
Theatre Arts Grant-in-Aid Award (GIA)
Theatre Arts Talented Student Award (TSA Scholarship)
Thomas Anthony Grud Memorial Award
Thomas J. and Patrick J. Mangin Scholarship
Thomas L. Elliott Scholarship
Timothy Gover & Clifford Fagan Scholarship
Troyt York Memorial Scholarship In Geography & Earth Science
Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (URSCA)
Vergil V. Gregg Memorial Scholarship
Verne B. and Edna M. Kniskern Scholarship in Life Sciences
Vincent P. & Pamela R. Gutowski Scholarship
Volleyball Alumni Scholarship
W. David Hobbs Piano Scholarship
Walter & Lola Stephenson Cole Scholarship
Walter A. Klehm Industrial Technology Award
Walter and Margaret Lowell Voluntary Service Scholarship
Walter L. Crawford Mem. Distance Running Sch
Wang Tih-Wu Scholarship
Warner / Brainard Pre-legal Award
Watson Family Scholarship
Wesley J. Vala Student Athlete Scholarship
William A. Smith Scholarship in Recreation Administration
William and Melissa Higelmire Department of Recreation Administration Student of the Year Award
William B. Reid History Education Scholarship
William B. Tym Scholarship
William C. Hine Continuing Education Adult Scholarship
William E. Adams Memorial Scholarship
William G. Riordan Scholarship
William Gene & Brigitte Johanna Brown Scholarship
William H. & Waneta Sedgwick Catey Sch
Winnie Davis Neely Memorial Scholarship
Wolfgang & Barbara Schlauch European History Scholarship