The Center for Clean Energy Research and Education, or CENCERE, provides faculty and students with a research facility in which they can conduct hands-on investigations of various plant-based biomass sources that may be suitable as alternatives or additives to the wood chips planned for use in the Renewable Energy Center. By studying the fuel characteristics of various biomass sources, students will gain a more integrated understanding of physics, chemistry, engineering and technology.

CENCERE’s research and development efforts will be crucial to the operation of the REC, which must maintain a healthy spectrum of renewable biomass supplies to sustain its operation. It will serve as a demonstration site/laboratory for students taking part in Eastern's undergraduate and graduate coursework related to sustainability.

The Board of Trustees, President Perry, and Charleston Area Charitable Foundation broke ground earlier this year for CENCERE's building north of the REC. The new building will include space for three types of research and teaching: A biomass storage and processing area, a room for the laboratory-scale gasifier, and an analytical lab.