Student Awards for 2011


Top 5 Ways Nontraditional Students can get involved on campus

Winner: Tandy Hughes
1.  Treat yourself to a weekend getaway in honor of your educational pursuit.  Spend time exploring not only the campus, but also the hometown of EIU.
2. Take advantage of the mandatory Senior Seminar which requires an on campus visit.  Setting in a college classroom is an experience which should not be missed.
3. Join a club or society.  Even though you may not be able to participate as much as you would like, the connection which you have will bring great pride to your college years.
4. Attend EIU homecoming activities.  These are a great way to experience the social aspects of college in a condensed version. 
5. Upon graduation join the Alumni society.  This will ensure that your campus experience continues.


While it is a given that all EIU students are earning a college degree, the experience of taking classes often presents additional intangible rewards. What are 5 unanticipated benefits that you are acquiring as an adult student?

Winner: Sharon L. Green

1. A common goal with my adult children. I have one adult child who will be graduating next year from college and my daughter will be entering college. Since I have started back to school I share a common bond with them, and it gives me another opportunity to interact with them on a different level.

2. I have pushed myself these last six months farther than I ever have before, and I am excelling. I am currently taking 4 classes this semester and I have received straight A’s. I am also working at a demanding job that requires 45 hours a week, and I coach a girls high school soccer team as well. I guess you could also add that I am a single parent as well. Multi-tasking has become my specialty, and although I do not plan to keep this pace up, I am pleased I am able to do so.

3. I am rebuking the old adage “that you can teach an old dog new tricks”. I really can not explain how I feel more educated but I do. It is not something that could be measured by taking a test where I would have to quantify the knowledge, it is more of my knowing that I have acquired more knowledge. I think a large part is attributed to my thinking of different ideas and ways of thinking. Perhaps, how to listen to someone and not interrupt, or how truly amazing the early music composers really were.

4. Even though I am listing this as #4, receiving accolades from my family, peers and co-workers has been a real confidence booster. There is nothing like a manager or director, saying that they admire your ability to work and go to school. It increases your worth as an employee and shows that you value your position. It also shows, that you can accomplish going to school and working, and that you can finish what you start.

5. I think #5 would have to be my self realization of graduating from college at the age of 53. I have been working towards this goal for 30 years, and sometimes I can hardly control the excitement that I feel that I am finally going to graduate. It gives me an inner satisfaction that sometimes feels like a miracle. Neither of my parents graduated from high school. And even though my Dad passed away earlier this year, he was so proud of me being able to go back to school and reach farther than he was able to.

Faculty Award

Winner: Mary Kelm, Faculty Member for Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree program

Had it not been for her help and support with me reentering the college school life, I would be lost. She fostered a sense of pride to believe in myself and she never let me settle or take the easy way out. Truly an amazing teacher and person. She deserves more than an award for her service to her community but also to her students.