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Classes meet at St. James Presbyterian Church, 6554 N Rockwell, Chicago, IL 60645.

EIU 4101G-723
Course Reference Number: 38437
Title: Spaceship Earth: The Present State
Instructor: Stimac, John
Semester Hours: 3
Room: arranged
Dates: 01/24-25, 02/07-08, 02/28-03/01
Day/Time: F 6-10pm, S 8am-6pm

PHI 3980-723
Course Reference Number: 38388
Title: Special Topics: Philosophy of Food
Instructor: Otto, Dannie
Semester Hours: 3
Room: More Information Coming Soon
Dates: 01/17-18, 02/21-22, 03/21-22
Day/Time: F 6-10pm, S 8am-6pm