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EDF 5510-977
Course Reference Number: 97360
Title: Theory into Practice: Social Foundations for Educational Practice
Instructor: VanGunten, Dawn
Semester Hours: 3
Room: S208 (S219 on 0/7-8)
Dates: 08/24-25, 09/07-08, 09/21-22
Day/Time: F 5-10pm, S 8am-4pm
Note: This is a Sponsored Credit course and cannot be added through PAWS. Cost: $1018.85. Waivers, scholarships and credit cards cannot be accepted for this class. To register for this course, students must be a cohort member.

ELE 5400B-977
Course Reference Number: 97768
Title: Response to Intervention: Strategies for Effective Implementation
Instructor: Preston, Barbara
Semester Hours: 3
Room: S209
Dates: 08/22-12/12
Day/Time: W 5-7:30pm